[Machi no Ueno Market Uenohara] We will have an event stall on Saturday, November 6, 2021

Ioku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, President and CEO: Junko Sakado ) will hold an event [Machi no Ue] on Saturday, November 6, 2021 at Bricola on the Tokyo West Campus of Teikyo University of Science in Yamanashi Prefecture . We will open a store at Uenohara Morning Market .

【event name】

Morning market on the town uenohara

[Date and time]

Saturday, November 6, 2021 9:00-12:00


Bricolla in Teikyo University of Science, Tokyo West Campus


2525 Yaszawa, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

*Nearest station JR Uenohara Station

[Access method (transportation)]

・For cars

About 10 minutes from Chuo Expressway Uenohara Interchange

Tokyo West Campus is fully equipped with student parking and bicycle parking.

·public transport

Shinjuku Station - Uenohara Station...63 minutes (fastest, using Chuo Express)

Get off at Uenohara Station on the JR Chuo Line and take the bus bound for Teikyo University of Science for about 5 minutes.

[Bus fare is 270 yen one way]

Please see below for details on how to access.


[Event overview]

This is a morning market held in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Vegetables, Food & Drink, crafts, old tools, miscellaneous goods, etc.

This is a morning market (event) held only in the morning, where individuals, restaurants, farmers, companies, etc. set up stalls.

[This event theme]

This event brings together people who have moved to Uenohara, people who are deeply involved in Uenohara, and stalls related to rural life.

*Planning for various future themes

[List of exhibitors]

・Torch Farm (Vegetables)
・Yamahata Farm (vegetables)
・Iijan Shimada (vegetables)
・Sirotenari (coffee/sweets)
・Hayari Terrace (sausage)
・café nino (scone/soup)
・●NORA (grain baked sweets)
・Niko Niko Do (Kimpa/Kimchi)
・Takeoto (bamboo craft)
・AGLUCA (apparel, miscellaneous goods)
・Maruhachi Retro (secondhand tools)
・isyokuju (rice, loincloth, etc.)
・Su-yomi (succulent/cactus)

・UCJ (portable speakers, cork miscellaneous goods)
・OPEN AIR LAB Student Association BRICOLEUR (Herbarium ws)

[Event organizer]

Lmm (Local Morning Market) Executive Committee x Bricola



・Please bring your own bag and bottle.

・Please refrain from bringing plastic bottles.

・Held indoors, rain or shine.

・Please take precautions against infectious diseases.

[About Ioku Co., Ltd.]

Since its founding in 1991, Ioku has strived to improve apparel sewing technology. We took over the business through private M&A in April 2021, and currently provide one-stop services for apparel product planning, design, pattern making, sample production, and mass production. We will also implement initiatives to improve the working environment for our sewing staff, reduce waste such as leftover fabric, and reduce CO2 emissions at our factories. We will strive to connect the apparel industry, which continues to shrink, to the next generation.

[What is AGLUCA? ]

This is the name of the sewing factory and original apparel brand operated by Ioku Limited Company.
A new name was added due to business succession in April 2021.

* Click here for the origin of the name

【Company Profile】

Head Office: 2129 Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-0121
Representative: Representative Director and CEO Junko Sakado
Established: November 1, 1991
Capital: 3 million yen
Tel: 0554-37-0703
URL: https://agluca.com/
Business details: Apparel sewing, manufacturing and sales of men's and women's wear, apparel OEM, apparel ODM, pattern making, original apparel brand (D2C)
* Click here for company profile
*SNS: instagram Facebook

[Inquiries regarding release]

Company name: Ioku Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Junko Sakado
TEL: 0554-37-0703
E-mail: info@agluca.com