Origin of the name AGLUCA

Origin of the coined word AGLUCA

AGLUCA is the acronym of the following:


Art: Everything you create is art.


Good Good products, good manufacturing


good luck good luck


Unity: Unite with everyone involved in the work to create something good.


Challenge Spirit of continuing to try new things


Accessory clothes are just accessories that make a person look good. People are the main focus

An episode when I thought of the name

When we decided to take over the sewing factory (M&A) , the first thing we did was think of a name.

My husband and I talked about it for many days.

・The students each wrote on post-it notes what they wanted to do, what they wanted to achieve, and what would make them feel happy, then pasted them on drawing paper and divided them into groups.

・Similarly, I wrote down things I didn't want to do or things I didn't like on post-it notes and categorized them.

Although both of us work in different industries, we both have a huge love for clothes, so we had a lot of posts from the same point of view, so we were able to come together without any difficulty.

By grouping, keywords will naturally come to mind for each group.


・Try converting to a foreign language such as English

・Change the order of keywords taking into account the feeling and sound of the words.

・Check if there are any places that already use similar words.

After such trial and error, we came up with the name "AGLUCA."

Deciding on this name was the so-called KJ method, and it allowed us to align our perspectives on the company's management policy, direction, and corporate philosophy, so I'm glad we did it at such an early stage.

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