An interview article was published on the cloud business continuity platform “relay”

Ioku Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, President and CEO: Junko Sakado ) announced on September 3, 2021, a cloud operated by Light Light Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture, Representative Director: Ryuta Saito) An interview article with the main theme of "business succession" with two business owners was published on the business succession platform " relay" .

Summary of interview article

This is an interview article with two managers of Ioku Co., Ltd. / AGLUCA, with business succession as the main theme.

The interview article featured topics such as taking over the business of a garment factory that was a business partner of the company where he worked, the couple's management of the company, and the new apparel brand they are planning to launch.

What is the cloud business continuity platform “ relay” ?

This is a website operated by Light Light Co., Ltd.

A cloud business succession platform (website) created with the theme of "open business succession."

We match people who are looking for a successor or want to buy a business on our website, and provide information related to business succession.

Published article title

Moved to Yamanashi with the inherited factory! A couple working together to create a new apparel brand

Text: Takahisa Tsuchida

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[About Ioku Co., Ltd.]

Since its founding in 1991, Ioku has strived to improve apparel sewing technology. We took over the business through private M&A in April 2021, and currently provide one-stop services for apparel product planning, design, pattern making, sample production, and mass production. We will also implement initiatives to improve the working environment for our sewing staff, reduce waste such as leftover fabric, and reduce CO2 emissions at our factories. We will strive to connect the apparel industry, which continues to shrink, to the next generation.

[What is AGLUCA? ]

This is the name of the sewing factory and original apparel brand operated by Ioku Limited Company.
A new name was added due to business succession in April 2021.

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【Company Profile】

Head Office: 2129 Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture 409-0121

Representative: Representative Director and CEO Junko Sakado

Established: November 1, 1991

Capital: 3 million yen

Tel: 0554-37-0703


Business details: Apparel sewing, manufacturing and sales of men's and women's wear, apparel OEM, apparel ODM, pattern making, original apparel brand (D2C)

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[Inquiries regarding release]

Company name: Ioku Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Junko Sakado
TEL: 0554-37-0703