Renovating a property in Yamanashi and turning it into a garment factory [Ceiling, ventilation system, electrical piping, and air conditioning construction]

Renovated a used concrete (RC construction) property that used to be a parking lot and warehouse to become an apparel sewing factory.

In order to build a sewing factory in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, we are renovating it by hiring a local construction company.

This article describes the construction of ceilings, electrical piping, ventilation systems, and air conditioning.

・Since the second floor of the garment factory is a residence, we did not insulate the ceiling and wanted to take advantage of the design of the exposed concrete.

・I want to hang an electrical outlet from the ceiling so that I can easily change the position of the sewing machine. cool

・Install a 24-hour ventilation system that fits within your budget

This kind of construction combines design, convenience, and cost performance! I consulted a construction company.

Construction of a cable rack (a silver ladder-like device for wiring that hangs from the ceiling)

Cable rack (a silver ladder-like device for wiring that hangs from the ceiling)

We constructed a ceiling-mounted RC cable rack (a silver ladder-like device for wiring that hangs from the ceiling).

A silver cable rack was installed on the entire ceiling to create a design that brings out the convenience and design of the exposed concrete.

Construction of a cable rack (a silver ladder-like device for passing wires suspended from the ceiling) | AGLUCA, a sewing factory in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

In the area in the foreground of the photo where the wood is pasted on the ceiling, the area where the drain pipe originally ran from the residence on the second floor is currently being blocked off with concrete (while the concrete is drying).

Passing the drain pipe through the ceiling would pose a risk of water leakage in the garment factory, so we had the drain pipe moved to a different location.

The 24-hour ventilation system is a natural intake (ductless) forced exhaust (duct type third-class ventilation) Daikin product installed on the ceiling.

24-hour ventilation system Daikin's third-class ventilation system installed on the ceiling

They calculated the air conditioning plan and installed two ventilation systems on the ceiling.

The one in the foreground of the photo is the ventilation system.

The air conditioner is in the back.

Ventilation is very important during times when colds are prevalent, such as the new coronavirus and winter.

This Daikin product is a 24-hour ventilation system.

We chose this method because we believe that a system that uses ductless natural intake and forced exhaust air using ducts is the most cost-effective and easy to maintain, while also creating a better working environment for the garment factory.

AGLUCA (Agluca) sewing factory has an air conditioning plan calculated by a construction company.

Two Daikin ventilation systems installed on the ceiling.

Daikin commercial air conditioners installed in three locations on the ceiling

It was made.

Construction using exposed silver piping (conduit)

Silver exposed piping (conduit) construction│Standard for stylish renovation

We had silver exposed piping like this.

We took advantage of the original design of the exposed concrete pillars and ensured the design with exposed piping while allowing the electric wires to pass through.

Silver exposed piping (conduit) renovation fashionable sewing factory

As shown in this photo, bending the originally straight silver electrical wire piping in two places to fit the dimensions was done on-site. It seems that a lot of craftsmanship (technique) is required.

On-site construction to bend two exposed pipes

Use this tool to bend electric wires and piping on site (how to make exposed piping)

Use this tool to bend electrical wires and pipes.

Wires and piping are heavy, hard, and quite difficult to bend.

Aguka sewing factory installs Panasonic LED fluorescent lights

Aguka sewing factory installs Panasonic LED fluorescent lights

Brightness at hand is important when sewing. Also, when I was thinking of reducing power consumption and CO2 emissions as much as possible, LED was my only choice.


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