Renovating a used RC building property in Yamanashi and turning it into a sewing factory [Exterior construction edition]

Renovation of RC structure and exterior construction in Yamanashi

We purchased a used property in Shiotsu, Uenohara City in order to take over the business of an apparel sewing factory and relocate and open it.

In this article, we will describe the status of construction outside the building as it is called the exterior construction section.

Exterior status before construction (Before)

How the building (garment factory) looks from outdoors

Appearance before renovation

We are trying to build a sewing factory in this place without walls.

*This second floor will be used as a residence.

The space was originally used as a warehouse and parking lot.

A carpet is spread on the ground to prevent grass from growing.

On rainy days, the drainage is poor and puddles can form.

How it looks when looking outside from inside the building (garment factory)

How it looks when looking outside from inside the building│AGLUCA

There is bamboo growing in the back right corner, and in front of it there is a step (stone wall) about 1.5 meters high. *Creating the rise of the wall

When looking at the building (garment factory) from near the bamboo thicket

A photo of the garment factory in Yomotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, seen from a bamboo thicket (Before)

This is inconvenient as you have to use simple scaffolding or take a detour to cross this stone wall, which is about 1.5 meters high.

Also, the stone wall near where the simple scaffolding is set has collapsed and is a bit dangerous.

*There is a warehouse (shutter) on the left side of the photo, and it is assumed that equipment and fabrics used in the factory will be taken in and out.

Summary of external construction work (outside the building) of AGLUCA garment factory

[1] Lay concrete about 1 meter from the entrance of the garment factory

・Preparation of water pipes for rainwater

・There is a hollow space behind the temporary scaffolding (board), so fill it up (waste material was pushed in at the time of photo shoot)

[2] Add stairs

・Repair some of the collapsed stone walls

・Lay gravel

[1] Lay concrete about 1 meter wide on the ground

Removing the collapsed stone wall and preparing the foundation for laying about 1 meter of concrete

Renovation and exterior construction of a garment factory in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

We will dig a hole for the piping with an excavator.

Construction of piping to drain rainwater (burying the piping in the ground)

Renovation for relocating the garment factory operated by Ioku Co., Ltd. to Yamanashi

A shovel car will be used to dig the general outline, and craftsmen will dig out the small areas by hand and bury the pipes.

We will drive wooden frames and iron rods for reinforcement where the concrete will be poured on the ground.

Exterior construction. pouring concrete on the ground

Pour concrete into the wooden frame you made

Exterior work to create a concrete floor

Apparently it takes about 10 days for the concrete to dry.

Until it dries, we use scaffolding like a bridge to move around.

Concrete ground completed (dry)

Concrete ground completed, exterior construction

Let's remove the wooden frame.

[2] Construction of outdoor concrete stairs (exterior)

Construction work was carried out to remove the collapsed stone wall and install a staircase approximately 1 meter wide.

We renovated a property in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, which was made of concrete. Under construction

Drainage pipe construction and wall foundation erection are also progressing at the same time.

Fill the cavity behind the temporary scaffolding with blocks.

Renovation and exterior construction of a property in Shihotsu. concrete staircase installation

Join the gray blocks by layering them using concrete. This is a delicate construction process that requires the use of a level.

Pour concrete at the base of the stairs and install a wooden frame to create a concrete wall at the right end

Exterior construction work in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture. concrete staircase installation

The stacked blocks on the left are stuck together perfectly.

After the concrete wall on the right is completed, concrete will be poured like a slide.

Exterior construction, construction of concrete stairs

The collapsed stone wall was also neatly re-stacked using an excavator.

It seems that the number of craftsmen who can repair stone walls is decreasing.

We will attach a wooden frame to a slide-like condition and create a step in the concrete.

Exterior construction work, construction of concrete stairs

It's finally starting to look like stairs.

After drying, remove the wooden frame and the stairs are complete.

Outdoor concrete stairs completed

Completed Yomotsu concrete stairs in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Exterior construction

Period taken for external construction work

Construction of pouring concrete on the ground and installation of concrete stairs

about 3 weeks

The time it takes for concrete to dry varies depending on the season, so this work will be carried out in the spring. It seems to be a little earlier in the summer. On the other hand, in winter, concrete needs more time to dry.

In the spring, the concrete dries within a week to 10 days. (In the case of Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture)

Also, in this case, the same craftsman also did the work of building the foundation, so if it was just the actual exterior work, it might have been about a week shorter.

Number of craftsmen involved in exterior construction work

2 people

This site consisted of two people: the main person in charge and someone to assist him.


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