Renovating an RC building in Yamanashi and using it as a sewing factory [Electrical wiring and air conditioning piping]

Fully renovated a used concrete property (RC construction)

AGLUCA, an apparel sewing factory operated by Ioku Ltd., has purchased a used property with exposed concrete in Yomotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi, and is fully renovating it.

We are building a sewing factory while meeting daily with construction companies, aiming to create a stylish and comfortable office environment that is easy to work in.

In this article, we will introduce the construction of electrical wiring and piping for air conditioners.

Secure the electrical wiring on the cable rack with cable ties

Secure cable rack wiring with cable ties

The electrical wiring and air conditioner wiring running on the ladder-shaped silver cable rack hanging from the ceiling are organized and secured with white cable ties to prevent them from falling apart.

At the time of maintenance or emergency, it is easy to know which wire is which, and the careful consideration has been taken to prevent the wiring from becoming cluttered for some reason.

Secure the ladder-like cable rack hanging from the ceiling and the electrical wiring with cable ties.

Insulating the drain pipe of a commercial built-in air conditioner

Insulating the drain pipe of a built-in air conditioner

You can see the silver piping extending from the built-in air conditioner. This is the exposed drain pipe of the air conditioner.

Three Daikin air conditioners are installed on the ceiling of the Agulka garment factory, and three drainage pipes are connected to one to allow the waste water from the air conditioners to flow outside.

The commonly seen gray air conditioner drain pipe will be wrapped in silver insulation material.

Installing exposed drain pipes for air conditioners with insulation material

The insulation material (yellow) for the drain pipe is glass wool.

Insulation glass wool for drain pipes

The product number is screw-in glass wool ALGC-P 32A-20.

Insulation material glass wool for drain pipes

Reasons to wrap air conditioner drain pipes with insulation material

Since cold water flows from the air conditioner and condenses on the pipes, insulation will be installed to prevent this.

There is also insulation material for piping that is not silver, but we chose this design (color) for the design.

This sewing factory was constructed in this way because it is made of reinforced concrete and the drainage pipes are exposed indoors.

Piping to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner

Air conditioner outdoor unit piping

The outdoor unit for air conditioners is a type that is slightly larger than the commonly seen outdoor unit and weighs two tiers. (Manufactured by Hitachi)

We are placing metal support on the concrete exterior wall and running piping to the indoor and outdoor units.

Piping the pipe to the indoor/outdoor unit on the concrete exterior wall

Similar to the electrical wiring for the indoor cable rack hanging from the ceiling, the outdoor cable rack is also secured with cable ties and white tape.


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