Renovated RC property in Yamanashi and turned it into a sewing factory [Wall construction sashes and windows, moisture-permeable waterproof sheet]

We will renovate a used concrete (RC construction) property that used to be a parking lot and warehouse to create a sewing factory.

In order to build a sewing factory in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture, we are renovating it by hiring a local construction company.

First, let's create the wall.

The first step is to create a foundation called ``rise'' and then build a wall on top of it.

The first step in wall construction is to erect steel pillars approximately 30 centimeters in height on the concrete floor.

Building iron pillars for walls│AGLUCA

Drive steel pillars at regular intervals in all locations where walls will be installed.

The one in the middle is placed to check the color of the galvalume steel sheet metal siding, which is a candidate for the exterior wall material.

We will build a wooden frame in the place where the steel pillars were placed and pour concrete. [Rise-up]

rise of concrete

Wall rising construction│AGLUCA, a sewing factory in Yamanashi

It took about a week for the concrete to dry.

Construction will begin in April in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

Once the concrete has dried, the wooden frame is removed and the stand is completed.

Install an underfloor ventilation hole (black base gasket) above the rise, and place the termite-treated foundation wood on top of it.

A ventilation layer and an anti-termite treated base are placed on the rising edge of the wall│Garment factory AGLUCA

The wood on top of the basic gasket has been treated with anti-termite treatment to make it a little darker in color.

A construction company was applying anti-termite paint on site.

*Strong against termites and rot! I learned about the existence of the famous Takasugi Co., Ltd.'s "Green Tree" on YouTube and other sites, but I forgot to ask a construction company to do it.

This is what the basic packing (ventilation packing) looks like when viewed from the side.

Basic packing (ventilation packing) viewed from the side

This is what the basic packing (ventilation packing) looks like when viewed from the front.

This is what the basic packing (ventilation packing) looks like when viewed from the front.

For this termite treatment, wood preservative/termite inhibitor (commercial use) Alinco S Oil C Orange was applied on-site.

Alinco S Oil C Orange Manufactured by iwaki

Paint it onto the tree using the roller at the bottom right.

We will also install trees on the upper side and erect wall pillars.

The wall pillars will be constructed on top of the anti-termite foundation. AGLUCA

You can see that the wood on the base, which has been treated with anti-termite treatment, is dark in color.

I had a lot of trouble deciding between installing ventilation holes (with foundation packing) or insulating the inside of the foundation.

In order to prevent termites and prevent the risk of rotting the floor foundation, we decided to use the conventional construction method and install ventilation holes under the floor for the factory on the first floor. I had longed for an underfloor air conditioner, but it was difficult to convince my family that the construction company had no experience in installing it. .

We have installed several wall pillars and are getting ready to put in window frames.

Construction of wall pillars│Agluca, Ioku Co., Ltd.

Installed window frame (aluminum resin composite sash)

YKKAP aluminum resin composite sash installed│Sewing factory in Shihotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

The aluminum resin composite sash uses YKKAP Episode 2neo Calm Black CHT-W25609-A4-B7.

YKKAP Episode 2neo Calm Black CHT-W25609-A4-B7

YKKAP's all-resin sashes include "APW 430" and "APW 330".

Aluminum-resin composite sashes have lower insulation performance than the all-resin sashes mentioned above, but they are more resistant to fire, and depending on the location, all-resin sashes may not be an option.

We installed YKKAP Episode 2neo Calm Black CHT-W25609-A4-B7, an aluminum resin composite sash.

Installed KMEW Water Guard IV, a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet.

KMEW Water Guard IV breathable waterproof sheet construction│Sewing factory in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

After installing the sash, we will install a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet.

I knew that DuPont's Tyvek breathable waterproof sheet had a very good reputation, but I forgot to ask a construction company to do it for me.

The garment factory AGLUCA now has a moisture-permeable waterproof sheet made by Keimu.

*K-MU Co., Ltd. is a company that was established by the merger of Kubota and Matsushita Electric Works (currently Panasonic) and is a very famous company for exterior wall materials.

Installed YKKAP's LowE double glass windows and doors to make the factory highly insulated.

Window construction/installation YKKAP LowE double glass (neutral clear color) Ug value 1.43

YKKAP door installation

It is said that windows have the largest amount of heat loss in a building (the reason why it is cold). In order to improve the working environment, we have installed windows and doors with high insulation performance (high insulation).

YKKAP's LowE double glass (double glass)

YKKA LowE double glass

The name "double glass" is often heard, but it refers to double glass like this.

The spacer is the continuous silver dot between the glasses, and its insulation performance changes depending on whether it is made of aluminum or resin.

Also, it seems that the insulation performance changes depending on whether argon gas is injected between the glass or not.


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