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If I request a pattern (paper pattern) to be created, what is the market price and unit price (how much yen)?

We have prepared a list of pricing tables for each level of design complexity (difficulty). It also describes how to identify good patterns.

In other words, this is the cost of making the clothes you designed.

Pattern production costs (price list)

High design complexity
Medium design complexity

Low design complexity

cut and sew From 30,000 yen 20,000 Yen~ From 10,000 yen
skirt From 30,000 yen From 25,000 yen From 10,000 yen
blouse From 25,000 yen 20,000 Yen~ From 12,000 yen
shirt From 27,000 yen From 22,000 yen From 12,000 yen
pants From 30,000 yen From 24,000 yen From 12,000 yen
one piece From 29,000 yen From 21,000 yen From 15,000 yen
Jacket From 50,000 yen From 35,000 yen From 25,000 yen
coat From 50,000 yen From 36,000 yen From 26,000 yen

*In addition to the above, please inquire about vests, dresses, patterns for dogs, cats, etc.

Toile (both sides) creation cost

Approximately 5,000 yen to 8,000 yen in addition to the above pattern fee

What is toile?

If you sew according to a pattern created using a temporary fabric called sheeting, will the finished garment be as expected? It may be created when you want to check the subtle size etc.

*Please consult with the pattern maker and decide whether a toile is necessary or not.

Notes on fees when creating patterns

Pattern (paper pattern) size development (what is grading?)

You will also need to create a pattern for each size, such as S size, M size, L size, etc. For example, first create a pattern for size M, and once that pattern is finalized, make minor adjustments to the pattern for each size, such as S or L, based on the determined pattern. This is called grading.

Patterns may be created for each fabric (material).

If the fabric used changes, even the same design will shrink when sewn, and the scale of the fabric when ironed (press) will need to be recalculated. In some cases, work similar to grading may be required.

Grading (pattern size development) cost/unit price

Starting from 750 yen per part

A typical long-sleeved button shirt is made up of about 10 parts, so you can add one size for 10 parts x 750 yen = 7,500 yen.

Pattern modification cost/unit price

Starting from 850 yen per part

This is a modification fee if the design is slightly changed or the specifications of something are changed.

If you want to create a completely different design, the pattern will have to be recreated.

How to distinguish between good and bad patterns

Sewing difficulty level (easy to sew)

Even with the same clothing design, there are patterns that are more difficult to sew, and patterns that are easier to sew and less difficult. If you use a pattern that takes sewing into consideration, you can shorten the sewing time and lower the sewing cost.

Clothes cannot be made even if you cut and sew according to the pattern.

As mentioned at the beginning of this page, it is very common for fabrics to shrink due to ironing (pressing) or stretch during sewing. Therefore, even if you cut the fabric according to the pattern and sew it, the iron may shrink the fabric and result in a garment that is slightly smaller than the pattern. Are you there? is important.

*Reference: Introducing the market price of sewing fees.

*Reference: Introducing an example of an estimate for clothing making


We have created a "Frequently Asked Questions" page regarding clothing making . Please make yourself useful!