Renovated RC building in Yamanashi and used it as a sewing factory [floor installation (standing floor) and floor insulation]

Fully renovated a used concrete property (RC construction)

AGLUCA, an apparel sewing factory run by Ioku Ltd., has purchased a used property with exposed concrete in Yomotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi, and is fully renovating it.

We are building a factory while having daily meetings with construction companies, aiming to create a stylish and comfortable office environment that is easy to work in.

In this article, we will introduce the process of making an RC floor using a method called Okidoko (double floor construction method) and the process of laying insulation material to insulate the floor.

Prerequisite information for this used property

・More than 40 years old

・Concrete poured (RC construction)

・The ground is not horizontal, but is slanted so that the heights at both ends are about 5 centimeters apart.

・Originally used as a warehouse and parking lot, so there is no insulation and one side has no wall (windswept)

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What is Okidoko ( double floor construction method ) construction?

Construction of flooring (double floor construction method)│Sewing factory in Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture

The white is the insulation material and the one above it is the particle board.

Install white insulation material under the particle board

Floor feet (height adjusted by turning screws)

Feet on the floor│Highly airtight and highly insulated sewing factory in Yamanashi

This method of creating a floor by installing multiple height-adjustable feet and literally placing a board on top of them is called the ``Okitoko'' or ``Double Floor Method.''

This construction method is often used in concrete poured concrete (RC) buildings, condominiums, etc., and provides excellent sound insulation and cushioning for downstairs areas.

Joining floor insulation particle board and insulation material in a standing floor ( double floor construction method)

First, attach the bond to the particle board.

Applying adhesive (bond) to particle board │Insulating the floor (floor insulation)

Place foam insulation on top.

Installing insulation material on particle board │ RC floor making floor

Then secure the particle board and insulation with screws.

The insulation material for the floor (double floor construction method) is delivered cut to the exact size of the foot, as shown in the photo below.

RC floor insulation material │ Standing floor

floor insulation material

Leave a few millimeters of space between the particle boards.

Construction with space between particle boards │ Standing floor (double floor construction method)

We asked the craftsman to explain the reasons behind the spacing, such as how this particle board spreads due to moisture, and to prevent the boards from rubbing against each other and making the sound of footsteps echo.

*It seems to be a rule to open the boards together for construction.

Turn this screw hole to adjust the floor height.

After adjusting the height, they inject something like caulk into this screw hole to prevent the screw from moving.

Apparently, the height of the floor is measured using a machine that emits this green light.

This machine measures whether the floor is level.


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