Exterior wall construction with metal siding (Galvalume steel plate)│AGLUCA, an apparel sewing factory in Yamanashi

We will show you how IG Industries Co., Ltd.'s Galvalume steel plate SF-Galspun JF, color F titanium gray metallic ( code: SFJ1-291), is installed on the exterior wall of a factory.

◼︎Prerequisite information

・Purchased a used cast concrete (RC) property in Shiotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

・The first floor, which was originally a warehouse and parking lot, will be renovated to create an apparel sewing factory.

・Since there is no insulation or confidentiality and the performance of the original windows and sashes is low, we will aim for high airtightness and high insulation through renovation.

・Request to a local construction company in Uenohara City

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Igkogyo's galvalume steel sheets were delivered from Tomita Co., Ltd., a wholesaler.

IG Kogyo's Galspan was delivered from Tomita Co., Ltd. in Yamanashi.

We cut galvalume plywood on site using a Makita circular saw with a dust collector.

Makita electric circular saw with dust collector

We will cut using Makita's equipment, which combines a dust collector (like a vacuum cleaner) and a circular saw.

Looking at the surface of SF-Galspun JF, it looks like this

SF-Galspun JF surface

The surface is a steel plate coated with heat-insulating fluororesin.

When you look at the back of SF-Galspun JF, it looks like this

When you look at the back of SF-Galspun JF, it looks like this

The back side is aluminum liner paper.

The inside is filled with polyisocyanurate foam for insulation.

Galvalume steel plate SF-Galspun JF

This galvalume steel plate is S construction fireproof and noncombustible material.

Construction of Galvalume plywood First, install the frame (edge/edge)

Installed from the edge of galvalume plywood

Installing galvalume steel plates directly on top of Water Guard (moisture-permeable waterproof sheet) will cause indoor moisture to accumulate within the wall, leading to condensation and mold growth within the wall.

As shown in this photo, the work was done by attaching it to a piece of material that was passed horizontally between the pillars, called a doubuchi. This becomes a ventilation hole and acts as a moisture barrier.

First, we install "frames" that serve as sashes for galvalume steel plates around the door, around the sash, and on the top, bottom, left and right of the wall.

Construction of galvalume steel plates around the sash

Insert a piece of waste metal for draining under the sash.

The area around the sash has a high probability of water leakage, so various construction measures are required.

There was a vent at the bottom of the galvalume steel plate.

Ventilation layer of galvalume steel plate

The bottom edge of the galvalume steel plate has ventilation layers at equal intervals, like the finger in this photo. The design allows moisture to escape from here, which helps prevent mold inside the walls.

Checking the construction of galvalume steel plates from below (down the stairs)

Galvalume steel plate viewed from below

So I checked the construction status from an angle looking up at the ceiling.

Galvalume steel plate viewed from below

If you look at it from below, you can see that there is a rise of concrete (the gray one), on top of which is the black basic gasket (vent), and on top of that the wall is made of anti-termite treated wood (brown). I think.

The galvalume steel plate covers the upper part of the building to prevent rain from entering and to prevent the ventilation holes from being blocked.

SF-Galspun JF's F Titanium Gray Metallic (Code: SFJ1-291) construction example (actual color confirmation)

SF-Galspun JF F titanium gray metallic code: SFJ1-291) Construction example

It was difficult to decide on a color with small samples. Please note that if you apply it to the entire surface, the impression of the color will change.

Please refer to this page to see what it will look like when F Titanium Gray Metallic is applied.

F titanium gray metallic construction example

The exposed concrete and F Titanium Gray Metallic go perfectly together.

It was also a good idea to make the window frames black. The sash is YKKAP Episode 2neo Calm Black CHT-W25609-A4-B7 .


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