Installation of putty and mesh tape before pasting wallpaper (cloth)│AGLUCA, an apparel sewing factory in Yamanashi

We will introduce the process to be performed ``before'' pasting wallpaper (cloth) over plasterboard and plywood for cloth base.

◼︎Prerequisite information

・Purchased a used cast concrete (RC) property in Shiotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

・The first floor, which was originally a warehouse and parking lot, will be renovated to create an apparel sewing factory.

・Since there is no insulation or secrecy, and the performance of the original windows and sashes is low, we aim to make the building highly airtight and highly insulated through renovations to create a comfortable working environment.

・Request to a local construction company in Uenohara City

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Exterior construction

Wall construction sashes and windows, moisture-permeable waterproof sheets

Construction of ceilings, ventilation systems, electrical piping, and air conditioning

Wall insulation/secrecy and toilet piping edition

Floor installation (standing floor / double floor method) and floor insulation

Electrical wiring and air conditioner piping

Construction of plasterboard and cross base plywood on the wall

[Floor/wall construction continued] Installing plywood on top of particle board

Apply mesh tape (fiber tape) to the joints between plaster boats and plywood.

Fill the gaps between the boards with mesh

There are gaps (joints) between the boards like this, which can cause the wallpaper (cloth) to peel off easily, so we add the extra effort of pasting mesh-like tape over the gaps like this.

Mesh tape (fiber tape) is like this

Mesh tape (fiber tape)

The back side is a sticker, so you can stick it on without any adhesive.

Apply putty to gaps (joints) between plasterboard and cross base plywood.

Apply putty to the gaps between plasterboard and cloth base plywood.

Apply putty not only on the joints but also on the screws.

Process putty before wallpapering

The points marked with dots are where the screws were inserted, so apply putty on top of them as well.

The joints are covered with the mesh tape (fiber tape) introduced above, and putty is applied on top of that.

The putty used is Yayoi Chemical Industry's SUPER Big One (for undercoating).

Gypsum-based powder putty (combined with synthetic resin) SUPER Big One Coarse particles with minimal fading (for undercoating)

Gypsum-based powder putty (combined with synthetic resin)

What is F☆☆☆☆?

JIS and JAS have established grades for the amount of formaldehyde released.

Yayoi Kagaku Kogyo's SUPER Big One is a product of the highest F☆☆☆☆ grade with the lowest amount of emissions.

This product was used in this construction.

The back of the package looks like this

Gypsum-based powder putty (combined with synthetic resin) SUPER Big One package back

Apply the putty using a tool like this.

tools for applying putty


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