Construction of multi-layer vinyl floor tiles (PVC floors) and soft baseboards│AGLUCA, an apparel company in Yamanashi

We would like to introduce the construction of the "floor" and soft baseboards at the sewing factory.

This time, we chose multilayer vinyl floor tiles (PVC flooring) considering the design, price (cost performance), and durability. It describes the process of applying glue and pasting PVC tiles and what kind of glue is used.

We also considered the ease of cleaning, price, and design of the baseboards.

◼︎Prerequisite information

・Purchased a used cast concrete (RC) property in Shiotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

・The first floor, which was originally a warehouse and parking lot, will be renovated to create an apparel sewing factory.

・Since there is no insulation or secrecy, and the performance of the original windows and sashes is low, we aim to make the building highly airtight and highly insulated through renovations to create a comfortable working environment.

・Request to a local construction company in Uenohara City

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Construction of plasterboard and cross base plywood on the wall

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 Installation of putty and mesh tape before pasting wallpaper (cloth)

Wallpaper (cross) construction

Tori's printed tile multilayer vinyl floor tile FT Royal Stone and adhesive (Eco AR600) were delivered.

Toli PVC tiles have been delivered.

The pizza-like box is the tile (floor), and the black one on the right is the nori (glue).

Toli's "Eco AR600" adhesive for floor tiles

Toli Eco AR600 floor tile adhesive

When you open the lid, you will see a white bond-like adhesive like this.

Toli Eco AR600 Floor Adhesive

Toli printed tile (PVC tile) Royal Stone

Toli printed tile (PVC tile) Royal Stone

This is what it looks like when you line up the 4 pieces.

Now that the flooring material (PVC tiles) and adhesive are ready, we will prepare the floor beams.

Prepare a chalk reel

chalk reel

Draw chalk lines on the floor to mark the tiles so they don't shift.

powdered chalk

powdered chalk

Apply glue to the floor using chalk.

Process before installing tiles


Finish with a floor roller

Final finishing with a roller

A floor roller like this

floor roller

PVC tile Toli's Royal Stone 450 square pst2053 pst1242 construction example

Example of construction of Toli Royal Stone 450 square pst2053 pst1242

For the wallpaper, I chose the color LB9458 from Lily Color Base LB.

After installing wallpaper and flooring, we will install baseboards at the final stage.

Torisoft baseboard (Habaki)

Baseboard is something that protects the joint between the floor and wall, and is often made of wood.

What is baseboard?

I put some baseboards on the floor before construction started.

Tolisha's soft baseboard

Torisoft baseboard

As the name suggests, it is soft and narrow, so it has the advantage of being difficult to collect dust.

I also wanted to keep everything gray, so I naturally chose this product.

Toli soft baseboard construction example

Toli soft baseboard construction example

I painted the boundary between the floor and wall in gray (a bit blue).

Generally, it is made of brown wood and is approximately 1 cm deep.

Dust accumulates there and is difficult to clean.

This soft baseboard was the right choice for its design, color, ease of cleaning, and price.


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