Garment factory toilet construction edition│AGLUCA, an apparel company in Yamanashi

We would like to introduce the construction of a ``toilet'' at a sewing factory.

We will install toilets where there were none. We also requested airtight construction.

◼︎Prerequisite information

・Purchased a used cast concrete (RC) property in Shiotsu, Uenohara City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

・The first floor, which was originally a warehouse and parking lot, will be renovated to create an apparel sewing factory.

・Since there is no insulation or secrecy, and the performance of the original windows and sashes is low, we aim to make the building highly airtight and highly insulated through renovations to create a comfortable working environment.

・Request to a local construction company in Uenohara City

◼︎Other articles introducing the process of establishing a garment factory

Exterior construction

Wall construction sashes and windows, moisture-permeable waterproof sheets

Construction of ceilings, ventilation systems, electrical piping, and air conditioning

Wall insulation/secrecy and toilet piping edition

Floor installation (standing floor / double floor method) and floor insulation

Electrical wiring and air conditioner piping

Construction of plasterboard and cross base plywood on the wall

[Floor/wall construction continued] Installing plywood on top of particle board

 Installation of putty and mesh tape before pasting wallpaper (cloth)

Wallpaper (cross) construction

Construction of multilayer vinyl floor tiles (PVC floor)

It used to be a place like this.

Before renovation

This image shows electricity and rails installed on the ceiling one month after we started the renovation.

Install a new toilet where the ladder is located in the back right.

Installation of piping

Open the core (hole) in the wall and install the piping.

Drill three holes in the concrete wall and pass the pipes through.

Thin piping is for water purification

Thick piping is for drainage

Create a wooden frame to make the wall of the toilet and install insulation material on the wall (Styrofoam)

Installing Styrofoam (insulation material) in the toilet

Blue is Styrofoam (insulation material)

Fill the gaps in the piping with sprayed urethane foam to make it airtight.

Airtight construction of piping

The top left of the photo is the pipe for the toilet.

The thin part in the middle is the water pipe

The pipe on the right is the kitchen pipe.

We will make the floor using the floor construction method.

Floor construction

The toilet is in the back right and the kitchen is in the middle of the photo.

We will start constructing the floor around the toilet.

Installing flooring around the toilet

Floor construction

Floor construction

We will also install a floor in the toilet and build a wall with plasterboard.

After creating the toilet wall with plasterboard, etc., construct the entrance frame.

Construction of the toilet wall and entrance frame

Installed Panasonic interior door VERITIS MJF series

Interior door VERITIS

Installation of wallpaper, flooring and doors

Toilet wallpaper and floor construction

Installed toilet bowl and paper holder towel rack

Toilet bowl, paper holder, towel rack

Install paper holders and shelves for toolbox

toolbox paper holder and shelf

When using the net shelf, I folded it down so that I could store my cell phone and wallet.

Install the marine light and toggle switch in the toolbox

Marine light and toggle switch in toolbox

Construction of shelves to store toilet paper, etc.

tool box storage shelf

tool box storage shelf

tool box storage shelf


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